Sex And Old Age – Are They Compatible?

Topic of sexual relations is one of most popular. Sexual sphere of life is important not only for young people, but also for those whose youth is far behind. However, for some reason, it is generally accepted that in old age person should think about soul, and not about carnal joys. So are old age and sex compatible? Let’s try to figure this out.

Through efforts of specialists, recommendations have been developed aimed at maintaining desire and ability of women and men to have active sex life until they are old.


Erectile dysfunction: new threat for men?

Any information that relates to erection will always remain at peak of popularity for men. This topic is vital for every sexually mature member of stronger sex. But, despite such interest, it is quite difficult to find objective information on potency and other functions of male reproductive system.

Media are generous with various myths, but they don`t cover true state of affairs very keenly. At same time, according to results of research by German scientists, 50% of men aren`t satisfied with quality of their sex life. Of these, about 35% have difficulty with erection!


Erectile dysfunction is usually a temporary phenomenon

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men over fifty but this can happen even at an earlier age. Although not life-threatening, failure to satisfy the partner or achieve a satisfying sexual performance due to erectile dysfunction can be devastating and morally degrading for men, and sometimes for both partners. The good news is that there are variety of options available today as erectile dysfunction treatment.

Some people tend to get away with this problem by a simple change in lifestyle like healthy diet, regular exercise, quitting from smoke and avoiding alcohol as much as possible. Erectile dysfunction treatment may also be solved by managing presence of underlying medical conditions like diabetes which could trigger this problem. For some, it takes a lot more patience and effort before knowing the best solution for their condition.

There is a great choice of the drugs for ED treatment on PerthMeds website. The most common erectile dysfunction treatment doctors prescribe for this condition is Sildenafil Citrate, popularly known as Viagra. You may buy Viagra in many pharmacies but it is also widely obtainable online. This medication works by forcing blood to enter the penis during sexual arousal. It is especially important that this medication be taken only under prescription since there are some restrictions when using this product.

Viagra is not recommended for patients with other medical problems, particularly heart disease. If you cannot buy Viagra, vitamin supplementations consisting of folic acid, Vitamin E and zinc proved to be helpful in many studies. Traditional medicines as erectile dysfunction treatment are also available with herbal supplements like Panax ginseng, Epimedium, Gingko, DHEA and L-arginine.

Another traditional method that became popular for erectile dysfunction is acupuncture. This involves inserting tiny needles in specific parts of the body in order to increase penile blood flow and achieve erection. Most Chinese doctors are experts with this kind of treatment.

If above methods don’t work, doctors may recommend more invasive treatment to restore penile function. This includes use of penile pump and other treatments that require surgery like penile implant and blood vessel surgery. Penile pump is a device that consists of a battery-operated pump, a cylinder tube that fits over the penis and a band that constricts the penis. It works both in achieving and sustaining erection. On the other hand, penile implant involves placing a device inside the penis through surgery in order to achieve erection. In those cases where anatomical structure of the penis is discovered to be the reason why patient is unable to achieve erection successfully, blood vessel surgery becomes an option. However, surgical operation carries risks for bleeding and infection.
With all of these treatment options, guidance from a qualified healthcare professional is always suggested. If you have to buy Viagra or use any approach which you think is helpful for this condition, check first with your doctor. Erectile dysfunction is not always physical in nature but can be psychological as well. Problems that can affect penile function may include intense period of stress, anxiety or depression. In those cases, psychotherapy or counseling along with Viagra and other related medication becomes the best treatment. Proper communication and support of partners can also lessen the stress while undergoing treatment.

Kegel`s Exercises Help to Improve Male Potency

What is for any man the most important thing? Naturally, his male pride and strength, is not only the muscular but also sexual. A strong half of humanity very emotional experiences his sexual inadequacy and therefore seeks any means to revive the former prowess and return erection. In the course there are a variety of herbs and medicines, that are not cheap, but they do not always help. It turns out you can do without it, simply perform daily Kegel`s exercises for men.

Who Is the Kegel, and What Is the Essence of His Technique?

The world learned about Dr. Arnold Kegel in the forties of the last century. American gynecologist noticed that after giving birth, most women have problems related to the arbitrary urination. After analyzing the situation, the doctor came to the conclusion that all this is due to stretching of the pelvic floor muscles. Over time, he developed a system of exercises that help strengthen these muscles. During the training it became clear that, in addition to eliminating arbitrary urination syndrome, they also help to improve the intimate life. Women were able to get an orgasm, increase and control the duration.

The technique is simple – to train the pubococcygeus muscle, which is a combination of pelvic floor muscles.

The main reason for its weakening is low activity and as a result – poor blood circulation in this area. To resolve these and other problems Kegel`s exercises for men have been designed. First you need to decide what to train. Pubococcygeus muscle is located in the groin area between the anus and testicles.

There are two ways to find out where it is.

  1. The first way – straining muscles, try to interrupt the process of urination.
  2. The second way – in a state of erection to try to raise the penis even higher, it should twitch and move up and down.

Knowing exactly what is necessary to swing the arm, should be consulted with the complex and learn how to implement it. To do this, you can watch video tutorials, or visual aids in pictures. You can consult a doctor-andrologist.

What Does Exercises Do with the Body?

What can we expect from the constant training? Scientists have found that regularly perform of Kegel`s exercises for men helps to:

  • Bring in the tone of the pelvic floor muscles;
  • Enhance blood circulation in this area;
  • Improve erection;
  • Learning to control the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • To increase the sensitivity during orgasm.

In addition, regular classes will be an excellent prevention of prostatitis and hemorrhoids. These diseases are often found among men older than 40 years. To be engaged in performing of Kegel`s exercises it is possible at any convenient time, at home and at work (if possible), several times a day. Performing of exercises will not take long. They can be done in the morning, not getting out of bed, before going to bed and a few times during the day. The complex does not require special training and equipment.

All that is necessary – is 10-15 minutes of free time, the desire to strengthen the muscles and improve the sensations during intercourse.

The entire complex helps to achieve results in the following areas:

  • Control of muscle;
  • Increasing Stamina;
  • Increasing the range;
  • Rapid reduction of muscle tone.

Over time, it is necessary to try to increase the number of repetitions for 1 time and duration of exercise. Within a few weeks of regular training a man can feel the difference. Of course, soon it will be noticed by his partner.

By the way, Kegel`s exercises were originally designed for women, so that you can make a general workout. This will not only improve relations and strengthen trust between the partners, but also to diversify sex life; will make more vivid impressions, and prolonged sexual intercourse.

The Delicate Subject For Men At Any Age

Statistics And Comparative Characteristics Of Male And Female Menopaus

MenopausHere we talk about male menopause: it has nothing in common with female menopause. It is caused by the decrease of testosterone; this hormone is the leading sex hormone in the male body. Anabolic testosterone`s effect stimulates muscle growth, firms born tissue and accelerates bone growth. Formation of male qualities, development of the urogenital system, enhancement of libido, control of erectile function and spermatogenesis are caused by the influence of testosterone`s androgenic nature.

Women have the limited number of ovums, so female menopause occurs due to decreased production of estrogen because of the termination of their reproduction. And this female sex hormone is secreted, mainly, by follicular apparatus of the ovaries.

In men, as in women, the gradual reduction of the synthesis of sex hormones in the body naturally occurs is, since 45 years, when the development of the male sex hormone testosterone. The natural rhythm of decrease in testosterone production is 1% per year. In some cases, a decrease in testosterone synthesis activity is faster, or the body’s response to this process can be accompanied by a number of pathological manifestations, which are actually defined as male menopause. At a time when the testosterone level is significantly lower than normal, the body reacts to all of the above clinical symptoms of testosterone deficiency. If you have noticed at one or more of the symptoms described below should not think that this is a phenomenon of the age. With the unpleasant symptoms of male menopause can and must be fought! Modern medicine is able to effectively influence both the causes and the unpleasant consequences of male menopause, to reduce their harmful effects on the male body and almost completely restore its normal functioning, restoring a sense of youth. Therefore, when a decrease in testosterone symptoms do not delay your visit to the specialist. You will be a thorough examination and appropriate treatment, which aims to prevent the onset or reduce the symptoms of hypogonadism. According to US scientists 13.8 million men aged 45 years and older who visited their primary care physician in the United States may have hypogonadism. However, only 1.3 million of them receive treatment, and 12.5 million are left without treatment.

If the extinction of the work on the hypothalamus and pituitary hormone production starts before 45 years, it is called early menopause. If at the same time he is accompanied by changes in the cardiovascular and urogenital system, on the background begin to develop endocrine disorders, it is defined as a pathological climax. If the process of inhibition of testosterone production begins after 60 years, it is called a late menopause.

Moving men from the state of maturity in the state old age is accompanied by certain symptoms. Permanent signs observed in all men at this period – is the appearance of an old man’s gruff, rapid fatigue, neurotic disorders.



Symptoms of male menopause symptoms are different and related to the natural decline in hormonal levels. At this point in life in men begin hot flashes, they sweat a lot, his face reddens, the fluid in the body is delayed and is rapidly gaining weight. Almost all men with early menopause there is a decrease of libido and weak erection is of short duration. Some men have accelerated ejaculation and there are emotional feelings about it.

Violations of the production of male hormones lead to dramatic changes man’s appearance. From slim fit with the stomach and inflated muscles of a young man, he is gradually turning into an old man. It appears sagging skin and muscles, muscle tissue decreases and is replaced by fat. Calcium deficiency is osteoporosis, a disease which gives a reduction in growth.

After the onset of male menopause increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. These diseases are beginning to threaten because of an overabundance of cholesterol, which in young active years left on the production of testosterone, and with it a decrease remained unclaimed. Excess cholesterol begins to fill the containers, create traffic jams and cholesterol can clog blood vessels. Atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes mellitus develops in reducing the work of the endocrine glands.

Man becomes violent in this period. angry outbursts alternate bouts of apathy. If you start in this difficult time to focus their attention to the ongoing restructuring of the hormonal and sensations that it brings, can develop mental illness.

Menopause affects the development of disorders in the activity of the prostate gland. Prostate menopause in men begins to increase. Most often develops BPH, which can appear after 30 years, if it will be favorable factors. By the age of seventy is a disease observed in 7 out of 10. Sometimes people develop malignant prostate tumor. Medicine is not fully explored the issue of prostate cancer. With the advent of man menopause begin to attack a variety of diseases peculiar to the elderly. Among them can start their development of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. All the symptoms of menopause developing can be cured, using modern diagnostic and treatment methods.

Thus, to sum up with a generalized classification of symptoms:

  • Sexual symptoms: decreased libido, deterioration in quality and frequency of erections, especially the night, difficulty achieving orgasm, and decrease in intensity, a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. Decrease or loss of sexual desire, as well as the deterioration of the erection may be the only manifestation of age-related androgen deficiency in men. And this is the reason most often leading to treatment doctor urologist-andrologist.
  • Psychoemotional and behavioral symptoms: decreased emotional background, bad mood until the depression, reduced mental and physical performance, memory impairment, excessive daytime sleepiness and sleep at night, the weakening of memory and attention, poor emotion, a sense of fear;
  • Vegetative-vascular symptoms: blood pressure instability with a tendency to hypertension, palpitations, heart pain, headaches, excessive sweating, dizziness, hot flashes, frequent constipation.
  • Metabolic disorders, there are increasing relative fat mass and a decrease in muscle mass and muscle strength, reduced physical endurance, decrease the rate of hair growth, skin atrophy, anemia, increased bone fragility or osteoporosis.

Of course, one person often does not occur all of the symptoms of male menopause. However, the beginning and the development of this condition can lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of life and premature aging. English scientists proved significantly increased relative risk of developing diabetes, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, sudden cardiac death in men with hypogonadism.


If you have symptoms of menopause in men treatment is carried out only after the differential diagnosis with other diseases. It is based on a survey and examination of the patient, on the semen analysis and clinical analyzes, establishing hormonal blood profile (total and free testosterone, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, estradiol), on pelvic ultrasound, computed cranial tomography, on the identification of related chronic diseases . One of the basic tests – the study of testosterone content in the blood plasma, which is performed in the morning on an empty stomach. Normally, the lower limit of total testosterone of 12 nmol / l, free – 250 pmol / L. These tests shall be repeated to evaluate the dynamic changes. The principles of treatment with andropause consider multifactorial disorders and concluded a comprehensive approach. This approach includes: derivatives of testosterone replacement therapy. These drugs are in menopause in men are appointed with a decrease in total testosterone levels below 8 nmol / l, free – less than 180 pmol / L. In rare cases, they are administered in the absence of significant decrease of testosterone, since it can be reduced sensitivity to peripheral receptors. Drugs that stimulate the synthesis of sex hormones own. Sedatives and antidepressants. Correction of erectile dysfunction. Treatment related or arising in connection with the climax of disease and functional disorders. Correction power, vitamin therapy and physical therapy. The main preparations of testosterone in male menopause: capsules – Andriol; Injectable – Sustanon (mixture of 4 esters of testosterone) Omnadren, Sustaretard, Testosterone propionate, etc .; Tetrasteron transdermal (in a transdermal patch with androgens), dihydrotestosterone, applied to the skin as a gel.


In the treatment of male menopause need to follow some guidelines. First of all, we should normalize the work and rest, to organize breaks, shift work. Try to move more, go on nature, do physical exercises. Strongly recommended during menopause smoking and drinking spirits, they are only a temporary improvement occurs. Still you have to change the type of food. It is desirable to eliminate from the diet of fried foods, meats, sweets, jams, biscuits and cakes, as well as to limit the use of animal fats, white bread, soft cheese varieties and carbonated drinks. It is necessary to eat more bran or rye bread, porridge, cottage cheese, yogurt, soup of lean meat and fish, vegetables and unsweetened fruit. You can even take medications that cleanse the liver, because in it are synthesized hormones. For the treatment of male menopause can use the methods of traditional medicine, proven over the years that at long and patient application necessarily facilitate state. To prepare the magic bullet, you will need these herbs: hawthorn flowers, St. John’s, shepherd’s purse, fragrant woodruff. It is necessary to make a water bath or in a thermos for 2 tablespoons of dry grass for an hour, then strain and take half a cup 3 times a day. You can also brew special tea from the leaves of blackberry, hawthorn, woodruff fragrant, grass motherwort and uliginose. Excellent bee products enhance immunity, garlic, aloe leaves, grass immortelle, chamomile, birch buds, leaves and berries cranberries, wild cherry berry, rhodiola rosea root and lemon. For a period of menopause, boys should be with a young child and it is easier to stay longer you can survive to teach healthy lifestyles. It is imperative to follow the man’s clothes. In no case cannot wear tight swimming trunks and shorts the whole year, as it leads to mechanical compression of the genital organs and blood stagnation. It is necessary to promptly treat any inflammatory disease of the testes. In most cases, they are a complication of infections and not immediately noticeable. If a man has a sedentary job, then eventually it will necessarily be reflected in the sexual function and lead to early menopause. So just needed exercise. In addition, the man still heals regular sexual relations. In any case, do not just sit and wait for the anxiety symptoms of menopause, you should periodically visit the doctor and use it to take the necessary in a specific case of prevention measures to avoid too ill health during menopause or the development of other serious diseases.